Sometimes a city gives you an entirely wrong impression of what is happening in its streets. When you find out, you can be flabbergasted by what is actually going on. An example. Read more

How to Trace Fraud

The possibility of fraud scares every organization. Some fraudsters really know how to hide their deeds. Here’s one possible way to catch them. Read more

Where was Instagram when I needed it?

Studying law was great fun on some days, but tedious on others. When I was particularly bored, I decided to do something that was the talk of the town in 1981… Read more

Ice Disaster

Do you consider the weather of the last couple of days in Holland to be horrendous?  Read more

VP HR Career

One of my great kicks as a headhunter is placing candidates with clients, that open new worlds to them and really set off their careers.  Read more


When you are an ambitious and busy consultant, working extremely hard to achieve your targets, you don’t mind working on Sundays every now and then. When you are focused on your meeting, it is possible to miss the news… Read more

Managing Director vs Polygraph

More often than not, clients hope to save themselves headhunter fees by selecting their own candidates. This can go terribly wrong and here’s an example how. Read more

Success out of your comfort zone

When you step out of your professional comfort zone, you never know if success will be your reward. You can further pursue this business or never do it again. Is that also your experience? Read more

Working Nine to Five…

Headhunting in the summer: clients and candidates are enjoying their holidays, we are mostly condemned to boring office work. However, one hot summer we were extremely busy, when our full-time assistant, Maria, suddenly asked for a holiday to make an important visit abroad. What were we to do? Read more

Plant Manager > Managing Director (2)

Being nominated for the ‘Manager of the Year’ award is a great honor for a young Manager. Receiving one of the four invitations for the gala finals of this award, is a great honor for a headhunter! Read more

Plant Manager > Managing Director (1)

Do you like to get three for the price of one? My clients do, here’s an example. Read more

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